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During the Covid -19 pandemic, I found myself in the throes of collecting as both a dopamine rush and a distraction. This addiction eventually led to a new obsession, toy photography. Everyone has a favorite toy. Something that if obtained would cause memories of old to flood in to create a beautiful nostalgic moment. Of course, time stands in the way of reinvigorating these cherished memories as many of these toys are lost to time, wear, a parental purge, or any number of sad fates. This sad story doesn’t have to end here, what if there was a way to make these memories tangible. With toy photography, you can make the imagined real, create impossible scenarios that span several genres and character properties. With my photography, I aim to use a child’s favorite toys to create something that will last their whole lives, whether the toys themselves do or not. I make the toys live and breathe and make them more than just a hunk of plastic. As my collection is ever-rotating I do this for myself as well, to remember the best of the characters I fell in love with.

Simon Welch

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